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Pointing A records from and propogation

I pointed the two proper A records to wordflow and have been waiting for propagation (24 hours so far). How will the A records find the right file in Webflow? I want to make sure that i have identified properly.

Hi @bbondar try to re-publish your site. That should update the settings on our end. Let me know if that works out.

Hi, I have republished and also gone back to domain provider and rechecked settings. Everything is right and propagated. Is there something that I need to make sure in entered properly at Webflow? ie. My web site address,
thanks for responding.

Hi @bbondar - looks like you have a typo when you entered in the A-Record for

(it should be 217.126)

The correct DNS record to set for is a CNAME to “
Then, you should add two A-Records for that point to “”, and “”

Thanks. I have just made the changes. Will let you know if it works.

Hi, Have I made an error by adding to the Custom Domains tab? It is being hosted somewhere else? If not an error, should I also add to custom domains tab, Check Status Delete
Add Domain

Hey @bbondar it looks like you have it working from another topic. Does everything work now?

Hi Sergie, Yes everything works. Need to find someone to finetune site for me. Any suggestions?

What kind of fine-tuning are you talking about? I’m sure if you post a topic in the Freelance category with a description of what you need someone can help you out.