Pointing a domain name to both Webflow AND Shopify

Hello! Question here regarding domains.

Say, for example, you are migrating a website from Magento to both Shopify & Webflow (for store & content). The content portion would be mydomain.com and the store portion would be shop.mydomain.com. In order to create 301 Redirects in Shopify, the mydomain.com needs to point to Shopify BUT also needs to point to Webflow to host the content pages…

Does anyone know if this is possible? To have 1 domain point to 2 separate servers? I believe that is the question I am trying to ask.


This really is not a Webflow specific issue.

Your root domain can point where ever you want. A subdomain can point wherever you want.

I would recommend www -> points to Webflow; shop points to Shopify as your primary domain (in Shopify). You probably want domain.com to redirect to www. You could set that up in Webflow.

In Shopify, a primary domain is the domain name that customers see in the address bar while they browse your online store. You can use your root domain or a subdomain as your primary domain, but you can have only one primary domain.

Thanks for the reply @webdev. Do you know if it’s possible to have the root domain (mydomain.com) connected to both? Shopify requires the original domain be connected for 301 redirects to take place, but this same root domain is being used by Webflow as well.

That is not possible.

Makes sense. If I connect mydomain.com to Webflow and shop.mydomain.com to Shopify, and then place a redirect into Webflow like “mydomain.com/shop” for the old shop page and have it redirect to “http://shop.mydomain.com”, would this redirect work and point to the Shopify site? Without shop.mydomain.com being directly connected to Webflow?

Update - I just tested this and it worked!! Unless I am missing something…I always feel like I’m missing something. This must mean that you can redirect to pages that are not within the webflow project?

A redirect instructs the web server to redirect the user to another resource, located wherever. As long as a redirect is set up on the server the old URL points to, it works. I should add that wherever you are redirecting to (new URL) needs to be set up and working.

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Thanks for the help @webdev. Redirects are one of the most annoying things about building a website, and has been worrisome at that. I think I have this straightened out now :slight_smile:

Great. If you can mark this topic solved, that would be helpful. Keeps others from coming in to try to help when there is no need.