Pointing a (custom) domain to a subpage?


I want to redirect a domain that I own (iloveblekinge.se) to a subpage on my site: “mypage”.com/shop – and not to the main domain .com/. How do I do that?

And next step: The domain (iloveblekinge.se) is now redirecting to a Shopify site, (i-love-blekinge.myshopify.com) but is there any way to use 301 redirects from the shopify-domain to my page (www.ravnbo.com), to keep Google ranking?

Answer to self: I now used WEB-FORWARD of my domain (in my domainsettings/ DNS) from iloveblekinge.se to my .com/shop subpage…

But is there any disadvantages with that? (In comparison with setting up iloveblekinge.se as an extra custom domain to my site ravnbo.com with A- and CNAME records?)


If you move completely your domain iloveblekinge.se to ravbo.com, you can do it with 301 redirects and it is not harming your SEO.

However, i do not exactly understand the redirections between the domains. Can you clarify it again to ensure that?