Podia.com: Great site and business built with webflow!

Hello everyone,

Podia is a website built with Webflow,I don’t know how, but I think they use it to build front end faster.

Any ideas how they manage to do it with back end?


Thanks for sharing this website. It’s clean!!! It looks like it was built in Webflow as one of the staff is Mackenzie Child, a supporter, and user of Webflow. I tried to do some digging and it looks like they’ve possibly integrated storefront into their website.

I could be wrong, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind answering your question if you sent them an email. Hope this helps you get a bit closer to your answer.


Whispers to @MackenzieChild :eyes:

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Hey everyone :wave:

I’m Mackenzie, the Designer / Illustrator at Podia. I was actually able to design / build (almost) the entire marketing site myself thanks to Webflow (though I had help with the trickier parts).

The Podia platform itself is built on Rails, so it’s a separate from the marketing site.

We (by we I mean our awesome devs, cause I don’t fully understand how it works, lol) set it up so that the login form pings our rails app and let’s the user log in / sign up / etc.

Hope this answers your questions :+1:


Thank you @MackenzieChild for sharing, I loved the website design so I was suprised that it was designed with webflow.

It is unusal for a business to do that and I think webflow help with fast iteration and it is not wise to waste a lot time on front-end.

Yeah I think it is… I had to do some convincing that Webflow would be a good choice :slight_smile:. But it definitely helps us move faster because I can implement the designs myself without having to take one of our devs time away from other tasks.