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Podcast Guests Not Showing Correct Guest

Hello, we’re using the Podcast website template. When I add a guest to a podcast (1 guest only) it only shows the most recently added guest in the Guests Collection. It’s not showing the guest I specified from the Collection. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Need help ASAP. Thanks.

This is the template we’re using:

Hi Shannon! Could you share a read only link so that we can take a look into what might be happening?

Hi, here is the read only link. If you click on any episode, at the bottom of the page it should show the Guest with a small description. I have the Guests selected (in the Podcast Collection List) on each podcast (just one guest, and each different), however, it only shows the most recently added guest by the date and time they were added instead of the actual selected guest from the Guest Collection List. Also, there is a Guest Page, but the Guest doesn’t actually link to their page.

If you the More Podcast Coll Item in the Navigator on the left side of the Designer and then go to the element settings on the top right side of the screen – (or you can hit “D” on your keyboard to open your element settings tab).

In your element settings tab you can select the sort order and choose from the different options in the dropdown menu.

And the reason the Guest doesn’t link to their page is because it looks like the Source is coming from the Podcast Collection List and not the Guest Collection List.

Let me know if this answered your question. Happy to help further if needed.

Thanks you for your response. My issue really is with the correct guest not showing up for the correct episode. The episode page is pulling from the podcast collection, and then at the bottom of the episode page shows the guest associated with that episode. The information on the guest is in the Guest collection. However, the Podcast collection has a field that says Guests and is a dropdown selector that lists all the guests in the Guest collection you can choose from. This is where the problem is, the guest you select on the Podcast collection isn’t the guest that actually displays on the Episode page for that podcast. It only displays the most recently added file in the Guest Collection. What I need is this: On the episode page the Podcast episode information should display along with the Guest information at the bottom for the guest in that podcast. So, the Podcast collection field that lists the Guest should be displaying the guest selected in that field on the episode page. After encountering this, I went back and looked at the original template and it shows all guests listed on all the episodes, so it doesn’t show the selected guests. I’m feeling like this isn’t coded correctly??? Is there a way I can get this to work? Sorry, new to webflow and still learning the tool but have a very short timeline. Thanks.

@Gigglemite, taking a look at the site now — can you post a video of what’s not lining up correctly in the podcasts Collection list?

Hi, Here is a screen capture of what I’m referring to. As you can see the Guest that displays is the guest that was most recently added to the Guest collection. Not the guest that is selected within the Podcast collection to go with that particular episode.

Hey @Gigglemite, thanks for the reply — looks like your Dropbox Public Share is currently empty. :thinking:

Thanks for your help. I’ve created a workaround that will work for our purposes.

Great to hear — happy designing!

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