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PNG seq exports fine with Bodymovin (Lottie) but breaks in Webflow


I’m trying to export a PNG seq with Bodymovin in AfterEffects 2020 (ver 17.1.4) in order to implement a Lottie animation in Webflow.

In settings, I use “Assets\Include in JSON”. while it was working before, currently, it doesn’t.
Although the file does render and created, and I can import it to Webflow just fine, it shows as broken in the Webflow interface.
The seq is 470 frames long and the output JSON is only 185kb.

I tried removing spaces from export file names and from source files.
I tried exporting with JPG seq and compression.
I tried updating my Bodymovin Plugin.
I tried to make the seq shorter (only 50 frames)
nothing seems to work anymore.

I tried exporting shape layers, and they are exporting and importing fine.

here’s a link to the AE Project file

And a link to the JSON file