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"Please reduce your request rate"

I’m having this error again. It won’t let me publish my site. :tired_face:


I am too…system must be down? …Or webflow just thinks we’re too needy :wink:

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I am getting this error when duplicating a project

Publishing again now.

I’m very needy! Change… publish… change… publish :joy:

EDIT: Publishing only text version. No styling.

Haha, I’m totally with ya!

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Hi @allykat87 @magicmark @billvdh

Thanks so much for posting about this! We are aware of the issue and currently investigating to find a resolution quickly!

I’ll post back here as soon as I have more information!


I just successfully cloned a project, working on my end for now

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Excellent to hear, thanks for the update @billvdh!

Hi @allykat87 @magicmark @billvdh

It looks like this is getting resolved. We were seeing increased S3 error rates which seemed to be affecting site publish behavior. You can read more on this here:

It seems like AWS pushed a fix for this, though. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding with this!

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All good here, thank you @Brando

I guess someone switched off on turned it back on again? :speak_no_evil: :joy:

Thank you as always for the speedy support when it counts! :webflow_heart:

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add me to the list im getting it too.

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