Please point me to instructions for Holy Grail layout in Webflow?

Hello. I am trying to figure out how to make a responsive Holy Grail layout in webflow, but cannot find any videos or tutorials for it. There had been one on youtube it seems, but when I click the link to it, it has been removed. I am a beginner and old. Can anyone post a link ot a video or tutorial on how to make the Holy Grail layout in Webflow?


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hi @jerri_funkmeyer holy grail is donkey years old layout dated to time when websites weren’t responsive and layout was made by tables. The true Holy Grail in nothing but 3 columns and 3 rows.

1-st row - header
2-nd row - content in 3 columns
3-rd row - footer

If you are interested what and how you can find many articles or videos on internet. Once you will understand you can apply your knowledge to Webflow as it is very simple task and you should be able to create this layout in no time.

As CSS in now way far from website design stone age you can these days use several techniques like Flex and/or CSS Grid to create this basic layout.

here are some articles to read, just find one that you will grasp easier. Videos you can find your self as each tutor have different way to show and tell so find one you will follow with ease.

Here is VERY SIMPLE EXAMPLE I have made in 5min to get an idea but do not follow exactly CSS setting as it need more attention but it is good enough to start with .

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