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PLEASE HELP? Terribly jerky scroll between sections (mobile only)


I’m experiencing horrendous jerking between two sections in of my site when on mobile. It only seems to happen in mobile view, between the Pink Div section, and the Form section.

It’s also only visible when published and viewed on mobile, but I’m hoping some smart cookie will be able to see the probem in the Designer…

I’ve tried removing the background image in the form section, setting a z-index, setting section size to auto, removing all interactions, and nothing works. It’s fine on desktop, just not on mobile (iPhone, Safari).

I also shifted the form section further down and it jerked then, too, so I’m thinking it must be something to do with that particular section.

Any help would be much appreciated!


I’ve had an issue where the form caused a jerking, shaky, movement in the designer preview. Does the same action occur on your published site while viewing on a mobile device? Can you post that live link?

When I have strange problems like this, I do the same thing you’ve described. I start deleting various sections (usually starting from the bottom and working up) to isolate the section and then delete the various object in that section to further isolate. Once the object is isolated, I remove individual styles, remove symbols, remove interactions and then rebuild from there.

It definitely does occur when published–I’ll add the link shortly, just rushing into work at the moment!

I’ve an unfortunate feeling that taking it apart may be my only option. I think I’ll delete the Form section entirely and rebuild from scratch, to begin with.

Problem solved. I deleted elements one by one and isolated the issue to an image with a link block. Not sure why it was causing the issue, but I removed the link and the jumping stopped. Sure I can live without that link anyway!!

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