Please help me with errors on my live site

Hi Webflow guys (and girls),
Firstly, I’d like to thank you for this wonderful community; the staff, experts and other forum users have been invaluable to me. I know nothing about website design or development but have managed to stitch together a new website for our business because of you all. Unfortunately, it’s far from perfect…

There are a few issues I can see now the site is published, but I’ve hit a brick wall and just don’t seem to be able to fix them.
After trying all day with no success, I thought it best to look to the people who really are in-the-know for help…please. I should probably mention that my set-up is a bit ‘messy’.

Here’s the website read-only:

And here are the problems I’m seeing:

  1. The Logo in the top-left corner jumps down as you scroll down on mobile devices.

  2. I have lost the Contact button from my nav menu on iPhone. I have also lost the whole ‘Contact Caroline in the Office’ section with it’s web submission form. Both pretty dumb of me.

  3. The tab on Chrome Canary shows the template name 5 on my Macbook Pro - I did purchase this template originally, but thought I had abandoned it. I’ve updated the SEO settings, but it’s still there. Help!

  4. On our ‘Gallery’ images section on my iPhone the ‘View Images’ text overlay isn’t visible, so visitors wouldn’t know to tap to open the lightboxes.

I really hope a Webflow whizz has suggestions as to how I can correct these pretty major errors.
Many thanks in advance. I’d be eternally grateful for some help.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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@Caz… seems you’ve over-complicated this a bit.

The design needs some clean-up.

Hi @Revolution …thanks very much for your reply.
I do realise it’s messy, but I have zero experience with website building so this is very much out of my comfort zone.
After stumbling through videos, tutorials and forum posts to get to the end I was worried that if I started a clean-up then the website might never actually reach the www

Do you have any suggestions…be gentle :smiley:

@Caz… sorry - I wasn’t trying to be overly-critical.

I’ll throw a quick/dirty layout for you.

It should give you a start.

Give me a few.

No, please don’t apologise @Revolution - I know my set-up must look pretty ‘interesting’ to you :smiley:
Thank you so very much for offering your time; it’s beyond generous, and please be assured that your help and advice is going to a really appreciative home.
Thanks again

sent you a pm…

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