Please, help me to make banner section not overlay the navbar section

Please, help me to make banner section of the proper size, not coming over the navbar section.
Cannot find the way out myself…

Here is my public share link:

(how to access public share link)

Hi Fox,

Seems as though your public link hasn’t come through on the forums for some reason. Would you mind posting it again for us to take a look at your site for you?

That said, this is probably going to be a positioning issue. I’m guessing your Navbar is set to a fixed position maybe to keep it at the top of the screen? If so then you’ll be needing to add some margin-top to that section to help push it down the page beyond the navigation.

Best wishes,


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Hello! this is my public link:

I would love to have the left fixed navbar. Would really appreciate if somebody could help me to solve the issue. Maybe I did something wrong, as i’m new to Webflow. Thanks a lot for any help!

I’m working on Boats Template right now, there you could see my Left Navbar.

Mark, please, look through my link

You could see the Navbar at Boats Template, I’m working now

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