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Please help me make this change to my site structure correctly

I want to re-organise my simple website for better SEO for a particular keyword as I have now recognised this as the most profitable area of my business.

The old site structure was optimised for keywords as follows:
Home = “Outdoor Cleaning City”
Page 1 = “Window Cleaning City”
Page 2 = “Gutter clearing City”
Page 3 = “Conservatory Cleaning City”

I did it like this when my business was first started as I didnt know what service was going to be the most profitable. Now I know that window cleaning is and so I want my home page to be optimised and to rank for this keyword. So I want the structure to now look like this:

Home = “Window Cleaning City”
Page 2 = “Gutter clearing City”
Page 3 = “Conservatory Cleaning City”

So I am going to rename the home page to “Window Cleaning City” change the H1 tags and the meta title and description for this keyword.

I want to then delete the old window cleaning page as I’m going to transfer all the content onto the home page and don’t want to duplicate it.

So do I set up a 301 re-direct to the home page from the old page?

If so, when I go to settings/hosting/301 re-directs I have two boxes, one for the old path and one for the re-direct path. The old path is /window-cleaning-city and the new path, (if I’m going to change the page title for SEO purposes to ‘window-cleaning-city’ rather than ‘home’) is also /window-cleaning-city?

They are both the same path? Is this right?

Hopefully I’ve explained this well enough! Any help before I do something stupid would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Paul_Martin,

This is a great question. When you are using redirects to the domain itself also known as the index page all you need to do is add this “/” to the second box. The system will then know you mean to redirect the “window” page slug to the home page.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

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OK thanks Brandon, so do i just leave the unwanted page there or do i delete it/ rename it?