Please help - maintain selected tab on page load

Dear beloved Webflow community,

I’m currently creating series of CMS pages to create user help guide which I want to filter using tabs. My primary tabs divide the help guide into either hardware or software, and nested within these are collection lists with buttons linking to their respective help topic.

The problem I face is that when a user selects, for example, the ‘Hardware’ tab and then the nested ‘PC Setup’ button, the user is directed to the ‘PC Setup’ content page and the ‘hardware’ tab resets and no longer shows as selected. I would like to show that the user is in the ‘Hardware’ section of the help and ideally on the ‘PC setup’ section too by highlighting the tabs and buttons above.

Maybe using some sort of JS but I’m not sure?

Any help is much appreciated…thank you


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You’d definitely need to use some kind of custom code for this but I’d suggest hiring someone in the freelance category.

Thanks, I figured it out without code using two overlaying collection items (filtered differently) and conditional visibilitiy :slight_smile: