Please help, Live website not loading, took too long to respond error message

I site I host with Webflow has suddenly stopped working, please can you help as I don’t know what to do. An error message of " took too long to respond" has appeared. The site has been running well for the last 2 months and so I’m not sure why it suddenly stopped.

Any help would be much appreciated as the client is waiting. Thank you


Webflow link:

Are you definitely using Webflow’s hosting, or have you exported the site to host elsewhere i.e. 123Reg?

Also is definitely the correct URL - i.e. it’s not

Hi Andy,

Thanks for responding, Yes sorry is the correct address.
I’m using Webflow hosting.

I’ve sent you a PM. For anyone reading, if it is what I think it may be, I’ll post the solution here publicly once it’s resolved.

Seems like the website is up and running now

It was an expired domain. Glad it’s sorted now!

For anyone experiencing hosting/DNS issues in the future, a couple of services I recommend are:

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