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Please HELP, Google Chrome View setting?

I am trying to finish a site and google chrome is saying this in the webflow builder:

“Your browser has a non-standard zoom setting. Choose View > Actual Size to reset your view”


I’m assuming you are in the Webflow editor. If so just expand the browser window to be wider.

the browser is expanded. I am not sure what else to do at this point


I needed to split my screen, but when fully expanded the message still appears.

The bottom message relates to the zoom level of the page you’re on.

Set it back to 100%, by clicking the hamburger menu on the top right and making sure zoom is set to 100%.

Your view port also looks too small in that screenshot (but you mentioned you had it split). You will get the above error message sometimes if your screen resolution is too low, which doesn’t allow enough space to fit the media query. I don’t have this problem at home with my 1920x1200 res screen. I think the minimum res is probably around 1280x1024.

Hope that helps…

Thank you!
My zoom is set to 100%. I reset my Surface 3 and it seems to be working now

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