PLEASE HELP! Content showing through div overlay no matter how large z index

I’m loosing my mind here! My website will not recognize that I’m trying to hide all of my elements under a div overlay for a page transition. And it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s fixed, relative or whatever and I could use Z index of 999999999999999 and still all of my content shows through. What is happening!? Please help me out here. :rage:

My read only:

Hey @Stephen_Bement

Sometimes the IX2 panel needs to be reset. On each page the interaction is set, go into the IX panel of the animation and click it. Look at the Affect target. If “class” is greyed out, simply change it to “Selected Element”. That will probably give it a warning sign if it lost it’s connection to the target. Then right click and “change target”, and re-click the target div. Do this for each one you need. Then go back to Affect target and re-select class.

This does this to me sometimes. Generally, this happens when you add a page interaction to multiple pages. A slight buggy issue.

If you need a short video of the steps, let me know :smile:

Thank you very much for responding. I ended up completely giving up and restored an earlier version of my site.

All I’m trying to do is make a seamless page transition. Thing about my site is though each pages body background color is different and random. So when the contents fade out and fade back in, the body color doesn’t fade out but instead does this bad flash thing when it changes to the next page.

So what I was trying to do is make it so the body background color fades into the next pages color so it’s nice and smooth. Any suggestions???