Please help! Bug on my Website

For whatever reason on my published site there’s a purple progress bar showing to the right. It does not show in webflow designer only when the site is published. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT GOT THERE. It’s really random and frustrating as I can’t even see the element in the designer to delete it but then it shows on the live site. So bizarre!

Please hep!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Rebecca Lowe

Do you have any custom code added in your site’s settings?

Yes you have, I can see the code in the Head section. There’s a few styles redesigning the scrollbar.

Not really that is expected. You’ve added CSS custom code at site level. Custom CSS code at site and page level don’t show any effect in the Designer. To see effects of CSS custom code in the Designer, you need to add it as Custom Code with a Custom Code component box, within the page.

Hi @vincent

Yes, thank you! Not even sure how that custom code got in there. You can close this ticket. All resolved. Cheers!

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