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Please End the Newcomer Jquery - Webflow Confusion

Hi Webflow,

I just can’t thank you enough for a great product. It didn’t take me that much time to move to the personal plan and i believe very soon i’ll get up to the professional plan.

I have been looking at Jquery plugins and how to make them function in webflow for over a week and i’ll be honest - It’s all confusing. I know there have been a number of forum topics that deal with this but in between the posts no easy solution abound that will take care of newbies like us in coding jquery,none has been so down-to-earth.

For example i’ve been banging my head on how to make the countdown timer work but i have no slightest idea what to do. I don’t really like coding, i’m the plug and play type and designing is my passion. When i did a search for countdown timer’s, i got a handful and some really beautiful but i get stuck in deploying them. Some i had to download and got a bunch of js files, instructions on installing through bower, npm etc and many other stuff too confusing.

Then i had to search further and found an easy calendar jquery which just had its html and script ready, i just had to paste the code in the head custom code, and embed the div. That has been the only success so far in over a week of toiling and trying. But the other plugins i found are not as simple as that, and some are in exported zip files. So how do i get plugins i download from github for example get to work on my webflow designs? And importantly, i don’t like messing with the code after export as i don’t really do well in coding.

So please Webflow, can you make an extensive video on how to install various jquery plugins in our designs? Make us understand it’s functionality and how to use it in our designs since the motto of Webflow is to learn design without coding.

I’ll be very happy if this request is attended to urgently because i’m dying to know how to expand the functionality of my designs and i believe many others like me here want that too.


cc: thesergie, brryant, PixelGeek, AlexN, StevenP, vincent, bartekkustra, cyberdave

Hi @brilliantlights

Web Design can be confusing at times. But with some effort, you can learn how to connect the dots. :slight_smile: Webflow can handle a lot of the basics (and also some crazy interactions) that you want to build. But, there will be times where you’ll need to input custom code to make something work the way you see it in your head.

This is where learning code comes in. Learning the basics of jQuery and how it interacts with elements on the page can make your Web Design dreams come true.

The best part about Web Design (and also why I continue to love it) is that there is always something new to learn, a new trick to try and pull off yourself, or even a new standard to adhere to.

My honest advice to you is to go out there and learn.

After you have learned the basics, you’ll understand more about the plugins that you like to use and figure out how it works within the Webflow platform.

As for the video tutorials, the Webflow team is still small and this platform is still very new. We are doing our best to help everyone we can understand how to use Webflow. When it comes to custom code, there is already a plethora of resources out on the net that cover these sort of things.

Thank you for understanding and just have fun (breaking and) making things :slight_smile:

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