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How can I add a sign-up/login button on the top?
How can I remove “3” from the top right corner?
How can I modify toy “boxes” and add buttons for different purpose such as Track? How exactly these boxes are created? How can I replicate them 1000 of times?

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Hello @gaurav

You can’t have a sign up/login with Webflow (for now)

The three is the cart button

To track what? Users? Adding buttons is straightforward.

You want to add 1000 products?

I think it’s too much work to modify the Toystore template. Therefore, I am trashing it. I need the following-

Scannable Document on Feb 13, 2019 at 12_24_23 PM.PNG

My task- It’s quite simple.

  • On the top, logo i.e. just the name.
  • On the top right side, I need the sign-up and login buttons.
  • On the whole screen, I need 1000’s boxes which has an image and faded text on top of the image saying “Coming Soon”.
  • Underneath these boxes, I need two click buttons- track and subscribe. We can have 1 more button here saying coming soon if it’s not possible on top of the image faded.
  • Above the boxes, I need 2 buttons- sort and filter.
  • Once you click on the buttons (sign up, log in, track, subscribe)- a new pop up must open and ask for the user’s email address.
  • Done!

How can I achieve this? I have spent 2 days on web flow and gone through literally every video but could not achieve anything. I really need your help!



Is there anyone who can help?

From what I can see you want to build a site with someone’s help? If that is the case I suggest you post in the Freelance category.