Playing With 3D Transforms: Cube Inception & Homer Simpson

I just played around with 3D Transforms last night, having a whole new dimension to play with opens a whole arena of possibilities to create within. Super excited to see what you all come up with. :slight_smile:

Cube-Inception (Hover for Fun Effects):

See it within the Webflow Designer

Homer Simpson (mouse around and watch his eyes, yes he’s built out of CSS and still looks funny on Mobile, I’ll fix it soon haha):

Excited to see everyone’s creations! :smiley:

:purple_heart: Waldo


UPDATE: Homer is now following a Donut. :wink: haha. That required a single line of CSS

body {	cursor: url('cursorimagefilepath.png'), default;}

I’ll add a wishlist item in a separate post for custom cursor images :wink:

Hey @waldo. Awesome work. How’d you get the cube to loop infinitely like that? I’m having trouble getting my interactions to loop. Did you set it to rotate on load?

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Nevermind, I saw your designer link and figured it out!

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Just for anyone else that may have the question. I basically set the loop back to the initial starting point, and then check the loop box. :slight_smile: Please let me know if you have any questions.



@Waldo I can’t find the words man!!! :bow: