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Playing Sound files

I am doing a website for a radio station and I am confused as to the best way of allowing visitors to listen to sound files - recent news, traffic etc.
The site will incorporate collections so the site will be hosted with Webflow and I want some way my customer can easily update the files several times a day - probably using collections.
Each button points to a single sound file which I can store on my server and I just need a start and stop button. I envisage two collection items – News and Traffic – with a single file location is each. Is there a simple way to do this without using Soundcloud? Just looking for something easy for the customer to update.
Has anyone got some bright ideas for a non-coder?

Like videos, sound files are great when handled by a service. Such as Soundcloud. Tons of options, embeddable in various way, CMS compatible.

Using an external service you’d get so many more options to deal with sound files than you would have by hand coding a solution by yourself.