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Player parameters for YouTube video in Rich Text Editor/Designer

I’ve brought this up a number of times and it still hasn’t been answered. Is this a bug or simply a limitation that isn’t going to be addressed?

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@callmevlad I’ve mentioned this a couple times over the last few months and was told it would be looked into. Any answer?

Hi @jdesign, thanks very much, I can see the issue is reported and the work to get a solution in place is in progress. I can let you know when an update is pushed out for this.

I have pinged on the existing issue as to get an update on this and to help get this resolved.

I will let you know as soon as there is an update.

In the meantime, it is possible to use the parameters when embedding a video via the custom embed code from google, and replacing the source url with a video link coming from your collection.

Here is how to use dynamic fields in custom code:

I hope this helps

Thanks for the feedback. But if the client wants to add a link in the Editor rich-text element. That’s not going to help…is it? Just wanting to make sure I’ve communicated the issue correctly.

Hi there, yes that is correct, support for player parameters in the Rich Text implementation of the embedded video does not exist yet.

The best you could do at the moment until the new “Light” feature is added, is to add a custom embed, then have the editor add the link to a cms field and pull that cms field having the url link into the custom embed widget and display different video for each post.

The issue request that is open now however, is to add support for player parameters in both the Rich text field in the designer and in the Editor.

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