Play scroll animation at the correct offset-moment


what I’m trying to achieve: as soon as the title image is scrolled out of view and the content headline is like 10 px below the navigation, a sidebar appears (right now saying “Follow us on LinkedIn”). I want the sidebar to appear BEFORE the headline disappears behind the navigation.
I tried to set a boundary:

  • “0% when element starts entering”
    → the sidebar appears when the headline enters the scroll (so way too early)

  • “0% when element starts entering, offset {anything between 1 and 100}”
    → the sidebar appears when the headline is already behind the navbar and leaving the scroll (so 100px too late)

First of all, shouldn’t it make a difference if I choose an offset of 20 or 80? Right now it doesn’t.

And second of all, how can I achieve what I’m trying to do? Maybe offset isn’t what I need to use?

Thanks for any help!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - TLK Energy Apps