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Play dynamic iframe videos using a collection

I am trying to play a list of videos on a page by pulling them in dynamically via collections. On click of a tnail, I need to open the video.

I have followed the tutorial here:
How to dynamically embed SoundCloud songs with Webflow CMS

But my iframe id is more than just numbers and will not let me add it in the custom fields

I am new to WebFlow and any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @ericmac Welcome to the Webflow Forum! :wave:

It looks like your using a number field in your CMS. I would recommend removing that and adding in a Text field instead. This will allow you to add in other characters such as hyphens or letters as needed.

You’ll need to replace the field link in your custom code after doing that, since it will be a new field.