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Play Button Not Working on Background Video in Low Power Mode

Have several background videos implemented on my site. When low power mode is enabled on an iOS device, the video doesn’t autoplay, but leaves a play button, which is fine, but when I try to tap on the button it does nothing. Anyone have solutions


I did a quick search and it looks like iOS devices do this intentionally as playing videos is a fairly power-hungry activity:

There are mentions of some workarounds, but there’s no guarantee that they won’t eventually be patched.

Yeah, that makes sense, but the issue is that the play button that iOS brings up doesn’t do anything, so even if the user wanted to, they can’t choose to play the video.

When apple device has low power mode active, it doesn’t autoplay video and shows play button, that user can’t click because in background.

That’s from the StackOverflow thread I linked, so I’m guessing this is also expected behavior.

If you’ve enabled low power mode, you’re disabling a number of features to increase the amount of time before the device needs to power down, so it appears that the ability to play background videos is one of those features Apple chose to disable. The play button might be included to allude that there is a video there that could be played, but I agree that it seems a bit misleading.

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