Play audio file on click - code issues

Hello. I’m not a coder, but trying to learn. Please forgive total naivety with this. I found some code to add audio to my site that plays on click, but its missing something, or maybe not even right at all.

I want all 6 images on the page to play a separate audio file of about 3 minutes each. Right now I have the top left image able to start the correct audio. But it plays for about 2 seconds and cuts. I think that’s because the code is set up for playing a short ‘sound’ not full audio file??

Is anyone willing to give me any advice on this? Help me complete the code in the Head tag? I’ve tried to watch tutorials, but they seem too complicated for what I want to achieve. I feel like this should be really simple.

Thanks in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - UNW-WEE-audio-files