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Placing image pixel tracker

Hello community,

I have a question regarding tracking pixel image ( 1×1 pixel graphic) I am going to load on my website.

Should I place it in the body section where the custom code goes in on Webflow, or should I put it in on the page directly using a HTML embed component?

Hi @Mustafa_Ahmed

Is this for facebook pixel tracking? If so, this article may help :slight_smile:

Hi @PixelGeek, no it’s for Arrivalist and it’s saying that the pixel must be in the beginning of the body tag in a 1x1 pixel. My question is do I use the html competent element and place it on top of the nav? Or just use the body area in the settings?


Hi @PixelGeek can I get some help please?

With my self hosted analytics engine I use this code if I want to use a image pixel.

<!-- Image Tracker-->
<img src="https://insert-your-url" style="border:0" alt="" />
<!-- End Tracker -->

Is there a reason you are not using the documentation from your tracker?

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Thanks for your reply @webdev, I have the documentation my question was regarding how to implement it into WebFlow.

For example do I drop it in a HTML component element or under Home > Settings > Body Tag code area?

Their documentation states it needs to go at the beginning of the body, which would be on top of the nav bar using a HTML competent element.

So place your code into a HTML embed element placed as the first child of the document body.

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