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Placing a container within a vertical flexbox


I have the following layout:

It’s made out of a section, which has vertical flexbox. It has a container within the text and form elements.

Now I want to place another graphical element below it, so that it would look like that:

What would be the best way to accomplish this?

I tried inserting a new container in the section, but it won’t stretch for the whole container width, and I’m unable to define its width (the fields are disabled). I wanted to set it’s background, with visible overflow and dimensions and z-index:

How should this be best accomplished with Webflow?

You can see the site here:

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Hello @kundi

Can you share your read-only link?

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Here’s the read only link:

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Anyone? I can fix this in css without Webflow, but this seems like a bug / limitation with Webflow.


Change the div block of the background image to “Absolute” and add negative z index number to this element

I think it would be better to use bg on the container, but the problem is that it won’t stretch to the whole width (container can easily adjust to the screen size).

The container has a fixed width. Here’s how it looks with a div

I’m never using the Webflow container element because I want full control.

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