"Placeholder" state missing

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I’m a super newbie - just doing my first course (the astro law firm one :wink: )

I’ve noticed that, in the tutorial, the instructor is able to access “Placeholder” from the states drop down menu. I am missing that on my end. I only have: None, Hover, Pressed and Focused. Did “Placeholder” get dropped in updated versions of Webflow?


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Your Q is Very General. In what tutorial? (Add URL)

You talk about this placeholder?


hover, focused…Read this (placeholder is not one of the states):

By html/css:

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Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry for my delay in responding to your post.

So I would think that yes, it’s Webflow’s version of the placeholder attribute. But it is found under the “states” drop down. Since writing my question, I figured out how to make it appear. Silly me: I had to select the selector (in this case a section in a form with placeholder text - ie: Name, Email, etc.) for “placeholder” to show up under “states” (see screen grab).

It’s all good. :slight_smile:

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Great :slight_smile: Close this topic. Yes placeholder relevant only for form fields.