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Place element vertically middle of a section

Hey guys!

I’ve been struggling with placing elements in the middle of a section without hacking it. Maybe there’s a super simple solution but I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for when browsing the forum for similar issues.

For reference, I’ve attached an image of what I’m trying to achieve, it’s the numbers on the side that I’m trying to place in the middle of the section.
And on that note, I’ve more or less solved it, but it feels like I haven’t done it in the best way and there’s smarter solutions out there.

Reference screenshot:

As you can see I’ve been using relative function and worked a lot with negative margin etc which isn’t ideal.
I started working on a grid instead of regular columns, but that wasn’t really as easy as I thought unfortunately. Especially since the numbers on the side is rotated 90 degrees, this isn’t as straightforward as it could be.
I’m open to exploring that further if someone have some hints and tips :slight_smile:

You can have a look at the site below to see how I’ve structured the sections etc.

Hope someone have a brilliant idea!

Thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @vemilson you’re close with the usage of flex. I’ve created a sample to simplify your structure. Webflow - Share

Thanks a lot @dennyhartanto! Really helps and makes it so much easier to work.