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Pizzeria Peppinos

Hi there you great awesome people :sunglasses:

My newly opened local pizzeria was in a real hurry to get something up for their customers to see what can order, also on a very low budget.
This is the result. Things that took the longest time was to get all the dishes in :joy:
All in all it took a couple days to get it finished.



WOW, you mentioned hurry and I thought this site would be a mess. But as I go onto to it, I see that it is very well designed. Very simple, clean colors, and awesome text. A great website! :smile:

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Thanks @VladimirVitaliyevich for the kind words :grinning: Yes it came out well despite I did it in a hurry. I did one mistake though, that will come out of my pocket. I did it with the cms at first hoping that they wanted to use that. But they didn’t. So I had to convert it for exporting. That alone took a day extra of copy and paste.

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