Pixellated images

Hoping someone can help me with this issue I’m having. It can’t be replicated when previewing in the browser from my read-only link below but you can see it on the published site: https://www.cliandco.com

For some reasons the images are appearing really pixellated and I can’t figure out why! They are high quality jpegs or even SVGs in some instances.

A good example is on the home page (above), if you scroll down to the ‘Recent cases’ and see the image associated with Fluidly, it’s really poor quality but click through and you can see how it should appear – lovely and sharp. It’s a PNG at 5000+px so I can’t figure out what’s happening…

Is there any reason that you see why this could be happening?

All help gratefully received

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Cli&Co)
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I wonder if having the element with an effect overlapping causes the image to flatten? Might try removing. Worth a test. “Case-info-wrapper” reset the Blending=normal setting.

5000px seems excessive for resolution. There might be some auto optimize on an image that large. Shouldn’t affect an svg though which makes me think the overlapping blend affects images below.