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Pixeled Immages and outdated site gets shown in search results

Hey dear reader,

i hope you have a great day!
So i ran into two huge issues. First i created a Website for a customer in Webflow. For 1 effect with custom code i payed someone on Fivver to help me. He helped me and it worked. But he didnt took down the site again that he showed me how it will work. And now when you search in google for a person of that company, that out dated versin of the site gets shown to you. I asked him if he could please take it down but he sayed he does not have permission to this site. For me thats a huge problem because the client is really unhappy about this. Thats the site that should be taken down: . Me and the client want to publish the new website next week. But the client wants the other site to first be taken down. ( thats the original site that we want to publish : ). Could you pleae take down the other site or just make it not appear in search results? If you want me to somehow proof that im the right owner please tell me how i can proof.

So my other issue is that when you open the site in Internet Explorer or Edge some Pictures just get randomly pixeled. My client is although really unhappy about that. Pixel Geek told me he will look whats causeing this issue but i didnt heared back from him. I have this issue with the pixeled immages in almost every webflow site i create. Sadly most of the time the logo and the team immages get pixeled. Are there any solutions to fix this? Because in Safari or Chrome everything works perfectly fine.

Sorry for this long essay but im just really under time pressure from my client. If you have any solutions to these two problems please let me know as soon as possible.
I really wish you a great day.
Thanks in advace.


PS: If possible please reply to this email: