Pinterest Predicts 2024 website style

Hi I am planning on creating an online gallery soon and I really like the style that Pinterest used as part of its 2024 predicts website Pinterest Predicts: Our 2024 trend forecast

Does anyone know what this style of web design is called? It reminds me of NFT cards. I’m also looking for a term to describe the spatial animations (ie there’s no scroll bar you use your mouse to mouse to move closer to images and find out more).

I will be using WIX to create this gallery though I am open to other websites/gallery-building platform suggestions as long as I can create something similar.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Stacey, I’m not sure if there is really a term but it is just a hover effect with mouse tracking (based on move movement) at first there is also nice little animation of card loading.

I’m not sure if Wix has built in animation tool which can create custom animations but Webflow has it and in terms of many other things Webflow would be best.

These animations can be done right from Webflow and probably doesn’t need much custom code to achieve this.

And this is Webflow forums so might be impossible that someone recommend Wix :thinking: