Pinterest Grid Issues

I’m having trouble getting my CMS review cards to display evenly like the pinterest cards… They keep publishing all weird with random gaps & cutting the tops and bottoms off. It also will publish with a large gap until the more reviews button. Any help?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Goat Realty

Here is my published site:

hi @bradybell33 your card element should be set as inline-block please visit this request where I have posted video how to as request is quite similar to your issue :wink:

EDIT: I see you have there several other isssues with this section, you can search this forum to find how set “masonry”

here is one example but there is may others

I have tried that, unfortunately, it doesn’t change anything. I’ve also reviewed both of those posts and not seen anything related directly to my issue. Any other tips?