Pinterest Event Codes

Does anyone know how to properly install Pinterest tag and event codes? I’ve added the event codes as per the instructions on the Pinterest website, but whenever I click on a product image just to view the product, it registers “add to cart.” I do want to track conversions, but I need to attach it to the “add to car button.” Anyone got any ideas or experience with this? All the Youtube videos are for shopify stores and wordpress sites.

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I’m having the same issue. I reached out to Pinterest and their reply involves adding the code to pages (not elements, eg the button.) Further, they provide a base script we’d need to customize with codes:

You would have to add the manual base code snippets to every page you want to track the conversions on like page visit, add to cart, checkout etc. And on the respective page under base code you would have to add the respective event codes (page visit, add to cart, checkout).

You could exactly paste the below base code snippets on every page you want to track the conversions.

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You could find the event codes in this help article, that should be added under base codes on the respective web pages.

I had already added the base code on the pages I want to track, but you gave me an idea that lead me to solve my own problem. Thank you so much!