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Ping timeout on all sites hosted with Webflow SSL


We have trouble with very low response and lag on a webflow hosted site that is used in a aquarium info screen system. The site is SSL-hosted on Webflow with a custom domain. When browsing the site from a “normal” browser the site works fine, but browsing via the info screen system, the site becomes very slow and unresponsive. The info screen system provider says this is because the domain is redirected over 200 times before ending at the hosting server.

When I ping the custom domain connected to the site I only get ping request time out. When I trace the ping route I see that the ping is very slow and often gets lost somewhere at Amazon. I also notice that this applies to all our sites hosted on Webflow SSL. I have on site hosted on Webflow without SSL, and this site has a good ping respons. When pinging the development subdomain I also get good ping response on all sites. I therefore assume that this is a problem with SSL-hosting and not with the domain provider.

Question 1:
Is this a bug or do we just have to accept it and disable SSL-hosting on the site that is used on the info screen system?

Question 2:
Can this SSL bug (or feature?) affect other sites when it comes to SEO or other things?

Hi Christoffer,

I looked into this and your page loads just fine from my home office in USA. I also checked it with and it also reports that the site is loading fine, albeit a little slower in regions where we do not yet have local presence (we’re working to fix that, by the way).

We use load balancers to distribute the traffic to our servers and unfortunately, those do not respond to pings or traceroutes, thus the issue that you were seeing with ping/traceroute being slow. That will happen when you have a setup like ours and the lack of ping response is not necessarily indicative of a system.

Can you help me understand what you’re referring to when you say “info screen system provider”? I haven’t heard that term before. I checked your site and there aren’t any redirects as far as I can tell:

% curl -I
HTTP/2 200
server: openresty
date: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 16:31:54 GMT
content-type: text/html
content-length: 3254
x-served-by: cache-iad2140-IAD, cache-dca17744-DCA
x-cache: HIT, HIT

Could you do me a favor: if you are on a Mac, can you open up the Terminal app and type “nslookup” and paste the results here? I want to see which of our datacenters you are hitting. Assuming that you’re in Europe, you should be hitting our EU (Ireland) location.


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Hi @chrissnell

EDIT: I disabled SSL-hosting and it looks like this fixed the problem for now.

Thanks for your response. This is what nslookup (I’m on Windows) gives me:


Non-authoritative answer:


The info screen system is a remote content distribution system from Elo View, basically a online interface that distributes URL’s to touchscreens via an internet connection.