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"Pin It" button produces strange results from OpenGraph

I’m not sure if “SEO Help” is the right forum but it seems close…

I’m making a website for a client that in essence is a large catalog of rings. When a ring is clicked, you can see it very large and with details. Below it then are CMS items from the same categories displayed in a grid.

I have a “Pin It” button which works great for the item in question — the OpenGraph settings seem to fuel it. The only problem is that the OpenGraph feeds that ring’s info to ALL of the items displayed on the page. In other words, if ring “2172” is displayed, every single ring that Pinterest suggests pinning when the button is pressed is called 2172.

Here’s a link to give you an example:

I don’t have a ton of experience using Pinterest (or OpenGraph for that matter) — anybody have any insight? It would be greatly appreciated.