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Pin it button not working correctly on webflow's lightroom

Hey guys

Can anyone help me with this please?

I want the pin it button to show up whenever you hover on any image in “the lightbox

I added the following pin script in the footer (custom code) :

So now when you hover on any image in the website excluding the lightbox and the slider, it works perfectly, you can check it here: [] (

However when I click on the main image the “webflow” lightbox widget is enabled and when I hover on any image inside the lightbox, the pin it button doesn’t show up on the top left like it should.

this is a shortcut here so you won’t figure out where are the lightbox in the website:

I am sharing my website also here:

The lightbox is created dynamically after the page is loaded, thus the script does not detect the new lightbox images.

Is there a way we can fix that in the cusom code panel?

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