Pin elements to a exact img position?

Hey all,

it’s my first forum entry so please be gentle :slight_smile:

Is it somehow possible to “pin” the button in the screenshot to the screens device below?
Any ideas, recommendations?

Here is the Read only share:


To help you efficiently, we need your site’s public read-only link. Do you mind sharing it please? Here are two methods to generate it.

1 - From the Designer, top right button. This is the recommended way as it will link directly to the page you’re on.

2 - From your site’s Settings panel:

Once generated and copied, come back here to paste the link.

Thanks in advance.

Yeah sure! here you go

Seems you did it, position absolute, and the parent of the button must be positionned (anything but Static)

actually no, but i found the solution in another thread. the problem was my missing lingu. What i was searching for are fixed hotspots

but thanks a lot