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Pin Collection First


I’m trying to pin a collection item and then sort the rest of the collection alphabetically. Is this possible?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @austinkeith

Maybe add two collection lists, the first limit to just one item (pinned) then add a second list for the alphabetical list.

If you needed to exclude the pinned item from the other list, you could add a toggle switch for ‘pinned - yes/no’.

Then with collection list 1 - filter to only show those with the ‘pinned’ toggle set to yes.
Collection list 2 - filter to show those with the ‘pinned toggle’ set to no, and with a sort order of alphabetical.

I think that would work, there might be other solutions too, ideally we need to see your preview link - from the settings click ‘share’ - then we can take a read-only look and try it out :slight_smile:

Hope that helps


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