Pictures resize on their own

Hi All!
I’m having issue with pictures that I use for my design case study - I want them to be full width, but they resize on their own! They are literally jumping in size when I click on or next to them! Idk what is the workaround this. If anyone had that issue - please help me out! TYSM!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Lena! You could give your images a width of 100% (and also a max width of 100%).

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Hi Lena!

Thanks for providing your read-only link. :slight_smile: I’m not seeing what you’re referring to by the images resizing when you click on them. It would be helpful to share a screen recording (using something like Loom) to record your screen to see what you’re experiencing!

Hey Lena may be this issue with images resizing on their own and jumping in size may be related to the sizing or positioning settings. To fix this, check the sizing settings and ensure they are set to 100% width or height. To ensure they are not overlapping with other elements, adjust the margins or padding, or use absolute or relative positioning.

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Hi Stacy, thank you for the response - here is the recording:
[Screen Recording 2023-05-06 at 3.46.12 - Google Drive]

Thank you! I will try that