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Pictures are tiny again. Whats going on?

It Happened again. I was checking the pounds of products in CMS, because we thought the postal was giving the wrong price in foxycart. Turns out that when I went and changed all the weight on the products. It seems it did not save to the server, so it was determining the price of shipping for the old weights and not the new weights.

I went into the CMS to check on the weights and they were the weights I set them to. I went to check the site to see if the weights had actually changed this time and they have changed, but now all the pictures are so tiny and not producing at the right size like they were in the beginning.

This time I changed nothing in CMS, I either canceled or just hit save to make sure the new weights would register.

What’s happening, please. Need emergency help.

Here is my site Read-Only:

I’d reach out to foxy cart as this sounds like an issue with their integration.