Picture Upload Error


I keep getting this error when trying to upload a picture into a predesigned template, but If I start a landing page from 0, they upload fine:

"Your upload failed because of a filename error. Filenames should be 100 characters or less (including the file extension) and avoid special characters (e.g., #, (), ')."

Also, If I try to create a folder for my uploads, I get this error message:

"There was a problem creating a new asset manager folder."

Please I need this to be fixed. I tried logging out and in again, Incognito mode, another PC, changing the file´s name, but nothing…

Can anyone help me please?

What is the exact filename you are uploading that thows this error?

Any PNG file I try to upload shows the same error.
I tried with a file called “jb” “jb1” “JB” “picture1”.

Are you using a browser with no extensions enabled? First this to try is incognito mode and try to rule out an issue with your browser. If that fails, then I suggest you open a ticket with support.

Nothing works for me.