Picture reveal on text scroll

Hello Webflow community,

I am new to Webflow although im not new to web design.
For our Uniproject, we have to build a Website and I want to try out Webflow for this project.
One Effect we want to achieve is a “Picturereveal on text scroll” effect.
I didn’t find a working example for this effect, but I try to explain, what I want to achieve.
(also I will make a video example for this effect an post it here
https://youtu.be/n8wqoYFu8o0 )

The effect should be on our “about us” page (we will call it “über pulle”)

On the left side of my page, there should be 4 pictures (of 4 persons). One big picture on top,
and 3 little picture underneath it. On the right side are 4 textboxes one below the other ( One text for each person) in an overflow hidden scroll div, so you only see one or one and a half textboxes . Now I want to achieve, that everytime, I scroll to the text of one person, the picture of this person should be the big picture above the three little ones.

I am experimenting with web flow, and I think at this point its only a matter of logic.