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Picture doesnt resize with responsivness

Okay, I bet for this is a simple solution, but I have been trying to recreate this part of prototype for ages, and making it responsive, but it’s impossible for me. Firstly the white cards dont change it sizes when the resolution is changed? I have put the section in the DIV where I am putting all 4 cards and trying to style it, but whenever I change the size of browser a bit it looks messy :frowning_face:

What would you suggest or where am I doing the mistake?


Here is my site Read-Only:

Okay Im slowly making some progress but can somone really help me with this?

Hi @Evka_Hamornikova,

How do you want those elements to be styled? Moved under that image? Next to it? etc?
What about the styling do you have questions with?

I’ll jump in and take a look, but if you can provide some insight for the direction you seek that will be helpful for me to help you.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

Well I want o style them as on the screenshot provided, and so that it could be responsive to smaller screens (not necessary mobile version)

also having the same problem so any help would be so appreciated

Hi, @mrichardp and @Evka_Hamornikova Here is a video i found online this guy just post it go at the 15min mark and see. I suggest you use grid and style that way, easier and more convenient.

Hope that is what you two are looking for.

Okay lastly, Im asking for help with styling the text on the white rectangles.
It’s the last thing Im trying to do with this project for the client, cuz Im really frustrated with it already haha… firstly I guess some of the texts are floating right when the resolution is changed, whereas the pictures with cards are floating left, so at one point they come out of it.
Im really looking for any advice, from somone who is more experienced.

EDIT: I just realized the main Headline on the landing page doesnt resize too? I need it to be responsive and aligned to the logo.

This is again the prototype I am recreating-

This is the site-

please? Im on the urge of mental breakdown

Hi @Evka_Hamornikova, thanks for the invision link, unfortunately it does not seem to work for me, can you help to share a screenshot of the design made in invision? Here is a good tool for screenshots:

Is it still the same as the first screenshot?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Eva,

One more thing, we just released today Prebuilt Layouts, see here:

This new feature may also help :slight_smile:

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