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Photoshop Killer

Hmm, wondering what source has to surprise us?

As much as I’d love to ditch PS altogether in my web dev workflow, I still use it very much for editing, mock-ups, and graphic design you just can’t do in the browser, without a PS like browser alternative of course, i.e. pixlr, sumopaint etc. but really folks, does any real professional use these tools as a PS replacement?

…but knowing Source and their products like csshat, which I do occasionally use for simple things like buttons, wouldn’t it be cool to have an export to webflow plugin?

Then again, we’d need an import option too =)

#######PhotoshopExportToWebflow, anyone.

Vlad, you’re a pop star! hehe


I don’t think Source (same guys who made CSS Hat) is aiming to replace Photoshop. I’m pretty sure they will try to convert Photoshop to website layout somehow. All their products serve part of that workflow. The Photoshop Killer title is just a way to get people all curious!

#photoshopExportToWebflow > We’re thinking about tackling something like this, but way down the road. Still talking to Adobe about adding “Export to Webflow” to the file menu. :wink:


I’ve been a long term user of photoshop for the purposes of making mockups and creating elements for websites, as have most people using webflow I’m sure.

BUT only recently have I realised that there is a MUCH better program for doing all of this, that was purpose built for building UIs.


I used it many many years ago when i was starting out doing web design, and thought it was a poor photoshop rip-off with some web functionality built in. Boy was I wrong.

Now i use it for everything but the actual photo manipulation. Plus it exports jpgs with better compression that PS.

Worth checking out!

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I’ve seen fireworks mentioned more and more over the last year and I’ll admit I’ve had that same experience back in the day with an identical impression. Thanks for the link, I’ll def check it out.

I still design in PS and I can export a design pretty quickly knowing how to visualize in my head how I can represent the same result with html/css, and I’m pretty quick, more often than not just grabbing “slivers” for design elements and colors of the actual design elements to keep the weight down on site load times. PS for my web workflow has mainly become just the conceptual tool to present what it should look like but I don’t really spend much time slicing anymore. Plus it adds value when I give out the psd or even an ai logo to the client for future needs.

Also I absolutely love for png compression but for jpg have really been unimpressed by the compression options and results elsewhere, even within PS, so that’s another curiosity that perks my interest about looking at FW again, TY.

Bracket looked promising with the responsive plugin but I got tired of waiting for that to come to fruition and why pay for Adobe’s online tools when I’ve already paid top dollar for CS3 and have webflow now =)

Sadly Fireworks is not going to be supported… I am versed in both… I prefer FW over PS on a layout/web situation.

My thoughts:

Webflow is so fast and capable “blowing the others out of the water” I don’t really need an export/import option.

I can do initial mocks in FW and replicate in a flash.

I do wish I could directly edit css without putting in the head. If I can and missing something and can. please do tell me.

Both PS & FW have copy CSS properties. I use this quite frequently when coding by hand.

Webflow, You guys have the concept pretty much spot on…! THE BEST DA_N wizzy for layouts period.

Can’t wait to see where this all goes…

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The real PS killer when it comes to using PS for webdesign is Sketch from Bohemian Coding. You must check it out.


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Sadly, Sketch is only for Mac… Yeah, I’m a PC. “Flogging begins here”.

The real PS killer is CSS3/Jquery and getting browser cross compliant with it… A true mock environment that can be be published and works on a production is “priceless”…!

I tried all the others, OK at the least, basically wire framing and send to devs. Then, hard code the rest.

Webflow… well, just sent a mock to devs that are putting it all to php frame… I quote " Dude, you rock, ty for the good code" mind that I only did a minor clean and rename"… :wink:

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Sketch 3 looks promising but its Mac only but don’t tell me Webflow is about to release their own web based photoshop killer. OMG please don’t I’m still trying to learn the new animations options.

Haha, noooo way. We’re focusing on making web development easier, not replacing a tool that is perfect for photo and raster graphic editing. Photoshop is way too good at that.

Actually Sketch looks promising as a designer’s photoshop alternative ( but its Mac only.

Exactly, I think the term PSKiller was in regards to changing the game is it relates to the older days of requiring raster elements for design aesthetics.

Now, many html/css tools such as webflow, allow us to use the browser’s built in capabilities for beautiful websites, but in a much easier way.

Raster images are needed much less, granted, I don’t see the need going away any time soon for a nicely ‘shopped’ image, we still use them all the time, but slicing has become minimal in my workflow now because of these tools like webflow…not to mention load times.

I use sketch, never looked back… I used pixelmator instead of PS before that… sketch is great, I highly recommend it.


I’m hooked on Illustrator. It has its bugs, but it is so fast when it comes to having an open canvas with unlimited artboards. I can consolidate a lot of my thoughts into just one file like this:

I find this type of workflow very useful when it comes to rapid prototyping UI’s. Not sure if Sketch can handle this. For web design I have just started building in Webflow instead of designing it in PS/AI first.

Thats exactly how you can do it in Sketch. Unlimited workspace. If set up Artboards its super easy to export as they become slices. Exporting is really easy in Sketch and in v3 its become even easier. But I must say I have problem deciding where to do my design. Sometimes I’m trying out ideas in Sketch and sometimes in Webflow and sometimes the other way around. I’ll guess it depends on what you are designing of course but still it’s really good soft we have here =)

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Sweet thanks for the info @jorn!

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