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Photos section only opens to half of the page

The photos used to fill up the page. I looked in the interaction, but in the designer it looks ok. But when I try it as published, it acts weird.

On the published site it looks like this:

In the designer it looks normal, like this:

Here is my public share link:

Can you please share your published site link with me? Thanks! :sunglasses: @VladimirVitaliyevich thanks!

Hmm, I do not experience the same behavior, what browser and version are you seeing this behavior on?

Weird, this I have on safari, latest version.

But this issue, came later on in the process of finishing this project. So it was working before. @VladimirVitaliyevich

That’s odd, in firefox it does work!!! ? how?

On Chrome it does work to.

I was able to recreate this error in Safari. I would check to make sure the browser supports all the features that you are using on your site.

But it worked before on safari. So what do I do now? @VladimirVitaliyevich

Hello, @Aimanisms.

It happens because of 3D interactions. For some reason, Safari doesn’t render it properly. When I turned off the transition on your background block it shows all correct.

I can suggest adding one more option for that interaction: along with turning that block, move it “back” on Z axes on -100px.

Visually it doesn’t change anything, but at least it helped in Safari.


Thanks for your suggestion @sabanna, can you explain to me more specifically how I make this suggestion actionable?

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That FIXED IT @sabanna you are awesome!!!

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You are welcome! Don’t forget to move it in opposite direction with close interaction :wink:

Ah, how do I do that? @sabanna. And also do I have to do this for every album, or will this interaction do it for all of them?

I tried what you said @sabanna, but it now messes with the side nav links, contact and bio, when I exit an album, they are not pressable anymore. So what did I do wrong?

  1. Movement should be inside the 1st step of interaction, NOT as a 2nd step

  2. Same thing for gallery-close-1 interaction + there should be MOVE TO ORIGIN :slight_smile: so you set move to 0px on Z, not to 100px


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