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Photos not retaining square shape


I’m new to Webflow and I made a flexbox but once i put the photos in the divs changed shape, which I understand is part of the beauty of flexbox. However, no matter how I put in my photos I can’t get them to stay equally shaped. I just want the photos all to stay square since I’m designing a gallery page. Right now I used flexbox and lightbox simultaneously to get the look I want. If you scroll down you can see how it should look, but as soon as I started putting photos in the divs morphed.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Meg. If you want the photos to be square, you’ll need to either crop them to square or set them as background images and manually square your divs.

You’re putting in images that are different dimensions, which is why they’re all coming up different. Flexbox is indeed beautiful, but it isn’t magic.

ahh!! Thank you! I tried squaring my divs but the photos weren’t set as the
background image.

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