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Photon - a template concept built with Webflow

Meet Photon.

Its a dummy site/template I built recently as a trial run to see what I can do with Webflow.

The home page portfolio layout fetches the content from the actual pages using the url and some ajax which pulls the content into the panel.

There is an about page, portfolio page and the contact is linked to an off canvas form.

Would love some feedback. :smiley:

Good job, like ti very much.

I had some troubles trying to close the Form panel, the close button wouldn’t work but it was closing itself after a while, fyi

Thanks! What browser is that in?

Chrome last version on Mac.

Ok no, it works, there is a delay and for some reason the delay was very long the first time.

Wow this is a great piece of work! Love it!

I could see this being really useful for a blog or high quality newspaper/magazine publication site!

I’m on a 27 inch monitor and when its at full screen the ‘blocks’ are separated by some white spacing. Other than that everything looks pretty great :smile:

Hmm, I don’t have such a big screen to test it so thanks for the message!

I figured this may be the problem, I have the images set to 600px and didn’t want to go bigger to keep size to minimum. So clearly on 27" monitor the blocks are larger than 600px.

min-width: 100% on the image may solve this for larger screens. This would make them pixelate a bit though since it will upsize.